High-quality wooden windows with oak euro beam

High-quality wooden windows with oak euro beam

We control quality at every stage - from purchasing oak logs to installation.
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Advantages of wooden windows

  • No dampness near windows
  • Durability (can serve up to 50 g.)
  • Eco-friendly
  • No sweating of windows
  • Low heat losses (significant energy savings)
  • A high quality
  • Muntin bars on windows
  • Making stained glass windows

Features of our wooden windows


Palette of 220 colors We have impressive 220 shades color scheme of quality water-based varnishes available from the best European brands.

Фурнітура MACO

Accessories MACO We use high-quality premium hardware from ISSA (Austria), the manufacturer with global reputation that comes with a 10 year warranty!!!


sound and energy The two sealing contours and double-glass using the latest energy saving technologies provide good sound and heat insulation.


Quality Assurance '10 !!! Wood drying technology, manufacturing and quality of materials allows us to give a guarantee on our oak windows with euro timber for 10 years!!!

  1. Two-door glass with thickness of 32 mm using the latest energy-saving technology provides good sound and heat insulation.
  2. Euro beam with the highest quality glued oak with four sections with different fiber direction. Beam width 78 mm.
  3. Two contours provide excellent compaction density close.
  4. The bottom of the frame and wings by aluminum drips ID aggressive external environment.
  5. Accessories Premium ISSA (Austria)
  6. The wide range of colors from the Italian manufacturer Vernicolor. It is possible to order a box with different colors on the outside and inside.

The production of quality wooden windows - is a responsible process, time consuming and certainly costly. That is why wooden windows are expensive. If anyone ever tell you that he will make it cheap - check the warranty on those wooden window.

TM QW windows are extremely high quality, because we carefully monitor even the smallest process of manufacturing. First of all, we have our own production for which we buy oak logs, always of the highest grade. Then we cut them into sawmill logs, into boards, which, in turn, we dry them in our own driers. Drying wood takes up to 30-40 days. All this time the temperature and humidity in driers are controlled by experts. We produce oak Euro beam from dry wood in our own workshops, from which we produce the future windows. Such control of manufacturing of wooden windows allows us to give a 10 year warranty!

Please note that we are working only with time-tested, experienced suppliers of windows, varnishes, adhesives, paints,  who also provide a guarantee of at least 10 years for their products. So, combined with the quality of our production of oak timber we get TM QW wooden windows, which are famous for excellent quality, incredible beauty and reasonable prices!!!

So, call 067-352-3189 or 067-969-7455 and order our windows for your house.


Wooden window types

  Eco Standart Premium Premium+
Frame Oak euro timber Oak euro timber Oak euro timber Oak euro timber
Varnish Water-based Water-based Water-based Water-based
Insulating Glass Basic insulating glass Energy-efficient insulating glass without gas Krypton in a cell pane, aluminum distance frame Krypton in the two chambers of the pane, plastic distance frame
Furniture ROTO furniture MACO furniture MACO furniture MACO furniture
Sealant One circuit Deventer sealant Two circuits Deventer sealant Two circuits Schegel sealant Two circuits Schegel sealant
Warranty 3 year warranty 5 year warranty 7 year warranty 10 year warranty

Wooden Windows

Deadlight single-wing or double-wing window


Single-leaf window


Double-leaf window


To find out the cost of windows

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    The price includes standard windows oak Euro beam, energy-efficient windows, cover water paints (220 colors, &  
40 basic colors), 10 year warranty on windows. Installation is 10% of the total.  
When ordering, gauging the size of windows within the Ternopil region free.


We've bought the wooden windows from QW 3 years ago and are completely satisfied with them. Two ceiling glass, unfreezable, very well soundproofed, good looking both from the street and from the inside. We are satisfied with price and quality.
Maria Petriv, Ternopil

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